Van Tukka To Modern then back

It is that time of the year whereby fashionistas start rocking their best designer clothes to different events they will be attending. If its not the shoes its the clothing, but they always find a way of mixing the modern days and ancient days clothing line.

Looking at the 80s/90s fashion, it seem ugly to ones eye and to some it looks creative, beautiful and something to try on. With a pair of sneakers and a sweater from the 80s/90s the guys really find a way of combining the two every time they dress up and as for the ladies, they always find a way to keep it modern but the shoes old school


This takes me back to comparing the streets of Johannesburg and Zeerust where females are required to dress in a certain manner just to impress the eyes that see them. Question is does it really matter who is watching?




Dear Friend

I found myself thinking about where you might be and with whom?

I was jealous, jealous of the fact that might be texting someone else.

Jealous of the fact that you might be giving someone else the attention i needed

I guess we can’t be more than friends

I guess our friendship is better like this

But at times i wonder why you kiss me with so much passion

Or is it because i am in love with you

See i have made mistakes before, let’s call them stupid decisions, because i didn’t get your attention

But this time around, i won’t repeat them


I tell you every time that you need a girl, not because i want you, and that’s because i want you to be happy

Your happiness is my happiness

You wouldn’t understand and i don’t expect you too

I have crazy thoughts about you, when i am walking, chilling and even when i am with you


I want a life with you

I need you in my life

I feel complete when i am with you

That’s why i keep fighting for our friendship

I trust you and you trust me

That is what built our friendship

I help you and you help me

You are exactly what i have been dreaming off all my life



Don’t take it otherwise, I wouldn’t want to ruin our friendship over xoxo

I just want you in my life as a friend that you are.

I will always love you

My dear friend




Politics seem to be the driving factor of all countries

Its is when politics are used for personal desires that things change

buying the latest cars

building huge houses that could accommodate the whole world

and of course spending people tax on unnecessary things

that it affects the people who struggle

the communities

the people

the civilians

that i start to wonder why are people so selfish

what do they benefit from seeing others struggle and they are just living a happy life when they are suppose to be helping others


Personally if i was to be given a day to make a change, a month even i would forget about who i am and what i want to achieve and start thinking of all those people who suffer, all those people who just want to raise their voices and be heard. Its it what politics are about, protecting people and hearing out what they have to say and then implementing strategies to help those where possible

. Isn’t it why people pay tax, to help those who can’t help themselves


sometimes i just wonder what happened

we were promised by our own   but its pretty clear they were promising themselves



pretty is painful

Looking at the mirror, questions flooding my subconscious. Why, why me? I can’t be ask myself such a question. Who am I? My soul is dark, full of sins but my flesh, o yes my flesh is so pure, beautiful but my soul is filled with secrets, darkness is overpowering me. O Lord help me to be myself. This mystery is not as easy as I thought it will be.

My dark soul will forever haunt me. My tears are bloody not pure. O, what have I done